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5 Reels Edited For $50.

Here's What It Includes:

  • You film, we edit

  • 5 Short-form videos edited (15-60 seconds each)

  • Clean up fillers, um's and ah's, and bad takes

  • Captions added

  • Stock footage and graphics added

  • Delivered back to you, ready to post

  • 48-hour turnaround

  • One-time offer for new clients


"Roman and his team have taken my video game to the next level. I don’t have to think about anything except shooting the video and sending it over. They take care of the rest."

Greg Whitmire

CEO of Summerlin Financial

"Not only did they do a great job editing the video and helping, but I was surprised at the tech used to manage that back and forth for the edits. The whole process was easier than I thought was possible. Great service!"

Chris Waldron

Executive Accountability Coach

"Roman is a good guy to work with. On one phone call he asked, "Any other things I can do for you to make your life awesome?" which I have never been asked before. Good service at a good price."

TJ Nelson

CEO of Direct Solar

"Superspreader Media made my videos actually enjoyable to watch with their unique approach of showing captions and adding animations and sound effects. Thanks Superspreader!"

Andre Crabb

Founder of Top Human

"Great to work with. Great attitude. His team is very good with editing and Roman is very open to suggestions. It takes off so much time from mindless editing. Love working together."


Serial Entrepreneur

"Fantastic! I’m a professional video creator & editor so my standards are really high. These guys crush it and save me a ton of time because they get it right the first time. Recommended."

Jason Belisha

Founder of On-Screen Authority

Power Your Content With Our Marketing Software.

Convert viewers into customers by optimizing the path your audience takes after viewing your content.

Create landing pages to give away freebies, grow your email list, host your courses, and sell your products/services.

And, steal our internal content creation processes and templates. Everything you need to create profitable content.

Hire Us To Produce Your Content.

Our agency side is a team of highly-trained video editors and social media managers. We produce, edit, and post over 1,000 videos per month on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok.

We are obsessed with optimizing the content creation process and maximizing the results video can produce.

Partner with Superspreader Media to take your personal brand to the next level.

Most Video Editors Suffer from 3 Massive Problems

They have video quality issues (typos, lack of context, misunderstanding phrases).

They don’t get results because they don’t understand the big business picture (video has to generate an ROI).

They don’t post the videos to social media for you.

Here's How We Solve Those Problems

We only hire A players. All the content we create goes through a strict quality control review.

We understand business and how to leverage videos to generate more revenue. Our marketing software that converts viewers into dollars is included with every plan.

We are an end-to-end video service, from production, to posting on social media, to funnel optimization.

Success Stories

By having an online social media presence, we have been able to identify trends based on which videos go viral, and sell solutions around that. They make it extremely easy. All I do is shoot footage, and upload to Dropbox. They do the rest. It's like magic.

Matt Beans

CEO, KeepYourProfits.com

Verified Trustpilot Review

Roman and his team have taken my video game to the next level. I don’t have to think about anything except shooting the video and sending it over. They take care of the rest.

Chuck Kile

CEO, Adapt Digital Solutions

Verified Trustpilot Review

I finished $10k of work the first day I hired them, instead of editing 4 videos. Your content AND your time schedule DESERVE Superspreader Media! Sign up today!

Zane Pucylowski

CEO, Phoenix Engineering

Verified Trustpilot Review

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